Free Succulent Care Guides

That Will Help Your Indoor Garden Thrive

These helpful how-to guides will teach you how to care for succulents. They will also empower you with the knowledge to expand your indoor succulent garden through proper watering, propagation, planting, and basic care.

How To Water Succulents

The most critical step of indoor garden care is watering succulents correctly! This helpful guide will teach you how often to water succulents. You'll also find a free customizable succulent watering schedule.

How To Care for Succulents

Indoor succulent care for beginners! If you know how to take care of succulents, you'll find that they can be pretty low maintenance house plants. Learn how to keep succulents alive with this helpful how-to guide.

How to Propagate Succulents

Expand your succulent garden by learning how to propagate succulents successfully. This guide includes 4 different step-by-step methods you can use when propagating succulents at home.

How To Plant Succulents

Learn how to plant succulents yourself! This guide includes some crucial information about the correct succulent pots to use and which succulent soil mixes are best for your indoor plants.