LEGO Succulent Sets

• Waiting Room Toys That Adults Will Love Too •

LEGO sets aren’t just for kids anymore! Whether you’re searching for waiting room toys for your office, or a kids play set that parents won’t mind tripping over, LEGO succulent sets offer a playful aesthetic that will be appreciated by any age. Once assembled, these LEGO succulents will brighten any space, and offers an opportunity to bridge the natural and material world. These succulent LEGO sets are perfect for:

  • therapist office toys

  • nature gifts for kids

  • classroom toys that teachers love

  • gifts for gardeners

  • doctor office waiting room toys

  • unique succulent gifts

Authentic LEGO Succulent Sets:

* If you purchase a lego succulent set from one of the recommendations below, we may receive a small commission. This allows you to support this free succulent care resource, at no extra cost to you!

Lego Icons Succulents 10309 Artificial Plants Set

LEGO Succulent Set 10309 Artificial Plants Set

Customer Reviews:

“These are the cutest little succulents! I absolutely love all the Lego plant sets and this one was just as satisfying to build! I like how it’s adjustable as far as placing the individual plants but I build it as it is on the box. Love it!”

“I LOVED this build, it was so fun and easy. The instructions were clear and they describe to you about all the succulents. They look so cute on display, definitely recommend!!”

LEGO Succulent Set 10329 Artificial Cactus Décor

Customer Reviews:

“I was searching for interactive activities to place in my pediatrician office waiting room and these are absolutely perfect! I actually find that parents engage with their kids more while helping them build these sets, which was an unexpected bonus!”

“I don’t have kids, but my sister does, and when they come over I like them to have something to keep them busy without creating an eyesore. I LOVE these.”

Generic Brand Sets:

Educiro Succulent Set

Customer Reviews:

“The kids absolutely loved it! It’s a wonderful way to teach them about plants while fostering their creativity. They enjoyed building their own succulents and proudly displayed their creations in the room. It’s an educational win-win!”


*LED Light Set* for Lego Succulent Set 10309

Customer Reviews:

“First the wiring is impressively strong. I decided to take my own vision on how I wanted the wiring to look. There’s enough wire to move things around if you wish. All said and done for the quality and price it’s definitively worth it.”


Kmuxilal Succulent Set

Customer Reviews:

“This is a great set my teen daughter absolutely loved putting together. This is much cheaper and really cute in comparison to bigger brands.”

“Probably the best non Lego building blocks. They’re Lego blocks without the cost. The final product is a bit smaller than expected but you can’t beat that price and quality.”